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May 29, 2014 @ 11:31 pm
posted by Chuck Greenewald

“Why should our company have a business blog?” 

Did you know that every time you add a new blog post utilizing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) blog content, you are expanding your digital real estate and adding another indexed page to your website? This alerts the search engines to the fact that they should check back more frequently to see what’s happening on your site, and also gives your company the opportunity to hit your targeted SEO keywords again and again. The three primary reasons to Multi-Channel Marketing Strategieshave a business blog are:

Reason #1: Traffic. Draw traffic to your website to get your business and products found online by improving your company’s search ranking on the main search engines through frequently publishing unique, relevant, high-quality keyword-based blog content. By implementing search engine optimization strategies on and off-site, a company blog can command attention, particularly when optimized around unique, relevant and competitive keywords. 

Reason #2: Credibility. Demonstrate credibility and expertise by establishing your company as an industry authority in your space. You can use your blog to create brand awareness and share your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the marketplace, while candidly answering common questions your customers and best prospects  have, establishing your company as an authority in their eyes.

Reason #3Leads. The call-to-action at the close of your business blog post becomes an opportunity to convert blog traffic into leads. Every blog article closes with a lead generating offer for a free whitepaper, fact sheet or webinar available when the visitor clicks the call-to-action link, arrives at a landing page and provides you with their contact information. An alternative is the soft call-to-action that helps readers determine that contacting your company for more information about your products and services would be in their best interest.

Blog Article Content by ATL Direct Marketing
Actually, don’t just consider blogging, make the decision to use ATL Direct Marketing’s professional content writing services.  The reasons are simple — we have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce the content you need to attract visitors to your site. Here’s what one blog content client said about ATL Direct Marketing:

“In the process of rebuilding my ancient website, I became aware of the overriding importance of SEO. Fortunately, I was introduced to ATL Direct Marketing several years back. Run by professional, competent and honest people, they have helped my site to show better in search. Plus, by regularly adding keyword optimized content to the blog, they have kept it current and happy in the eyes of Google. I have recommended them to a number of folks and feel confident in doing so to you.” Steve Aardweg, AardwegLandscaping.com

For more information about ATL Direct Marketing’s content marketing and blogging services, please send us an email or give us a call at 678.699.6510.  

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