Digital Content That Converts

May 13, 2015 @ 11:02 pm
posted by Chuck Greenewald

In the world of digital marketing, competition is fierce. Website or blog visitors expect to immediately find interesting and compelling content and images on your site. Many visitors drawn to your site by your business model, product, or marketing services may quickly exit if they find the content to be boring or overly simplistic. Atlanta-Direct-Marketing-Digital-Content-that-Converts-3What would it take for you to produce digital content that converts readers to contacts, shoppers to buyers, or prospects to clients?

Your digital content must pack a punch. It needs to deliver information in such a way as to genuinely engage your website visitors. In fact, your fluid use of the English language must persuade your visitors that the information they are looking for is to be found right HERE – on your site.

This takes some writing strategy. What can you do to improve your website and business blog content writing style so that it not only entertains and intrigues, but actually converts readers to contacts?

  • Write attention-grabbing headlines: Readers have literally millions of web-based advertisers, company websites, and social media sites bombarding their senses moment by moment online. They need to see something that is succinctly interesting and relevant in order for them to stop and read what you have to say. Make use of that critical moment when they read your captivating headline.
  • Write in an easy, conversational style: People don’t want to be talked down to. That’s an immediate turnoff. People want to be approached as intelligent, reasonable human beings, and to be informed of something new in a manner rather like a friend would speak to a friend, or colleague to colleague. You want people to feel comfortable and relaxed, trusting the veracity of your digital content. Superior-sounding, intellectually patronizing tones will put the reader in a defensive mode. Know your information, but also know how to deliver it in a winsome and appealing manner.
  • Write in a simple, readable format: If information is too difficult to absorb due to formatting, your readers may hardly give it a glance. Make good use of indentations and bullets.
  • Include a call to action: While you want to write digital content in a way that makes people naturally gravitate toward your final point, you also want to give them something of a sense of urgency. If your readers are led to the end of the article, and there are no prompts for subsequent steps, they may take time to consider what you’ve written – and promptly forget about it. Leave them with an impression of the necessity to act upon the information they have read.
  • Be single-minded: Don’t go on rabbit trails and confuse your readers about the relevance of the content. Respect the time constraints of your readers by presenting the information in a clear, pertinent fashion.

Employing a few simple yet savvy strategies in your website and blog content writing can convert your readers into contacts! To learn more, visit our Copywriting and Content Marketing Services page. If you need skilled copywriters and digital content marketers who can lend a boost to your online presence, call us at 678.699.6510 or send us an email today using our web contact form.

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