Use Targeted Direct Mail in Multi-Channel Marketing

May 28, 2014 @ 10:16 pm
posted by Chuck Greenewald

Why do businesses continue to use direct mail?  Properly targeted direct mail offers good response rates and return on investment in comparison to many other forms of direct marketing. A printed message provides the consumer with tangible details and images that draw a reaction and make a lasting impression. Here are two additional reasons:

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Targeting and Segmentation Techniques
By applying the proper targeting and segmentation techniques, direct mail is sent to potential buyers using a finely-tuned mailing list segmented by such criteria as age, income bracket, presence of children in the home, profession, buying patterns, age of residence, etc.

Response Rates
Direct mail is attractive to competitive businesses today because results can be carefully measured and the marketing piece tested and modified to improve the return on investment (ROI). Denver Business Journal says, “Put your campaign to the test — Are you and one of your peers at odds about which offer will be more effective or which graphic design option will be the best? Then test them both. It’s much less expensive to send out small batches of test pieces to analyze which one drives a better response than it is to invest in a large direct mail campaign that under performs.”

A well-written message in an attractively designed mail piece will engage the reader and insure a ROI that today’s B2B and B2C businesses value. According to Forbes, “Online is great and we do tons of it but we know there’s a lot of business that online can’t get but direct mail can. Direct mail seems to cost more but it costs more in the sense that a Rolls Royce costs more than a Fiat. And, after testing, direct mail isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.”  (Image via stock.xchng)

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