Marketing Strategy

Multichannel Marketing

Completion of a marketing needs analysis, and the creation of a marketing strategy, are important steps to take in determining which channels you will utilize in your multichannel marketing plan.  ATL Direct Marketing, LLC can partner with you to help you achieve your strategic objectives, improve your current marketing strategy, or develop and implement a completely new strategy.

Whether you decide to use direct mail, email, or social media marketing channels, ATL Direct Marketing gives you the ability to capture response and measure the effectiveness of your marketing with online-accessible results tracking and analytical tools.

Strategy and Planning

ATL Direct Marketing will help you answer the following types of questions to determine exactly which channels to include in your marketing plan:

•    What are your specific marketing objectives?
•    What types of information do you need to communicate to successfully market your business?
•    What are your strengths as a company?
•    Do you have an existing customer base to market to?
•    How frequently do you plan to communicate with existing or prospective customers?
•    What is your approximate budget?

Once the research and planning has been done, detailed plans will then be made to document which facets of a multichannel marketing strategy best apply to your situation.

Managing For Your Success

After we gather information about your business objectives and formulate a custom-designed marketing plan, we:

•    Locate and obtain the best mailing lists for your campaign, and recommend which segments to mail;
•    Design your creative and craft your message for maximum impact, encouraging immediate response;
•    Integrate your direct mail campaign with other appropriate marketing channels;
•    Oversee the list processing, print production, and mailing of your materials to ensure timely and error-free delivery;
•    Take into account the impact the mailing will have on your customer service call volumes and web traffic, and manage your mail drops accordingly;
•    Coordinate response channels, including internet landing pages and campaign tracking phone numbers;
•    Provide the reporting you need to gauge the success of your marketing efforts in all response channels.

We also work with our vendors to keep your marketing costs down, while at the same time ensuring the highest quality in your marketing materials.

Return on Investment

Calculate Marketing ROIEvery smart businessperson will evaluate their marketing expenditures and be certain their plans guarantee a return on their financial investment.

Utilizing results tracking, analytical data, and testing strategies, ATL Direct Marketing can help you continuously improve and refine the way you spend your marketing dollars.

We can provide the tools you’ll need to discover which customer segments were most responsive to your marketing, which creative strategies and marketing channels generated the most revenue, and which services or products bring the most revenue to your company.

ATL Direct Marketing is committed to helping you achieve maximum ROI by using your marketing dollars wisely.