Campaign and Vendor Management


You have worked hard to get your business off the ground. It has been quite successful, and the future is bright, and the world is waiting. But how can you effectively focus on the constant demands of your business along with the full-time task of trying to bring in more customers through a powerful direct mail campaign and vendor management? Look to ATL Direct Marketing for assistance.

A popular definition of advertising mail, also known as direct mail, is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail. This mail comes in the form of direct mail business postcards, circulars, sales flyers, brochures, informational CDs, and other promotional materials, and is sent either to a specific target group or more generally based on a demographic basis.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADirect mail has been widely used by companies seeking to promote their services, as it has the distinct advantage of placing its brand name, products, and special offers directly into the hands of prospective customers who might otherwise never even know of the company’s existence.

Direct Mail Campaign Vendor Management
Direct mail campaign and vendor management is a role that is performed by a person or persons hired for the express purpose of handling all of this for you, being entrusted with the care and oversight of this branch of advertising.

It is the function of this manager to maintain good relationships between your company and all associated vendors, to ensure that said vendors are keeping to their contractual agreements with adequate, if not superior, performance. He coordinates delivery schedules, makes regular checks on quality, and oversees the invoicing. He also acts as a go-between to make certain the SEO optimized digital content or print marketing materials accurately correspond to the image and tone your company represents, and strives to keep the advertising costs within your budget.

Beyond this, he evaluates and monitors bids for vendor participation, keeps tabs on related financial documentation, makes sure your company is kept abreast of key trends and developments which can affect advertising demands, and brokers any difficulties with vendors, making sure that resolutions are achieved which do not compromise the agreed upon relationship or delivery of services.

Because the presentation of your company’s advertising image depends so much on the service provider you choose to use for direct mail campaign and vendor management…

“…it is vital for your company’s present and future well-being to find someone with the proven expertise and dependability that makes you truly stand out in the marketing world.”

ATL Direct Marketing is just such a company. Brought into existence through its founder’s more than 25 years of principled and professional dealings with clients and business partners alike, this digital and direct marketing company aims to take your advertising dreams and making them a reality.

This Atlanta-based company makes it easy for you to find your all-in-one answer in the world of online and direct mail marketing. No longer do you have to know how to integrate multiple vendors and time-consuming strategies to simply advertise your company professionally. ATL Direct Marketing is your one-stop source for all your top quality digital and direct marketing needs at the most affordable price possible.

ATL Direct Marketing will personally handle all of your direct mail campaign and vendor management for unparalleled success in the marketing world. This company demonstrates cutting edge proficiency with marketing integration and has vast resources at its disposal to guarantee a top-ranking advertising campaign. From working to understand your wishes and needs regarding your desired public image to coordinating with your vendors, managing the materials and strategies to be employed or overseeing the quality and timeliness of the work, ATL Direct Marketing is the answer to your direct marketing needs.

Let ATL Direct Marketing take your business to the next level with innovative strategies destined for success. Give us a call at 678-699-6510 or send us an email to get started!