Digital Marketing

We live in a technologically advanced world, one of mind-blowing speed and massive amounts of information, all available at the fingertips, with a huge percentage of the world population having access to internet-accessible devices. Aspiring businesses have had to intensify their advertising techniques in order to stay abreast of the currentslide62 marketing trends. And this means the knowledge and successful application of digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, CRM/email integration, social media marketing and SEO/SEM.

What is digital marketing? This is a comprehensive term referring to the use of numerous marketing materials via digital technologies, through Internet channeling devices as well as other media devices, such as games, cell phones and display advertising. Its primary purpose is to develop a relationship between a prospective buyer and a business brand through multiple forms of repeated, casual exposure to said brand’s services in an engaging and attention-getting manner. It is often the first form of contact between a business and a growing community of potential customers.

Digital marketing has opened the door for massive advertising opportunities for companies seeking to expand the horizons of their growth potential by being able to reach customers who were before completely inaccessible.

So what are email marketing, CRM/email integration, social media marketing and SEO/SEM, and how might the employment of these effectively help to promote your business?

  • Email marketing – As the name implies, email marketing is the use of email to promote a business and actively solicit email recipients to a consideration of a prospective relationship. These emails often arrive in the form of newsletters, promotional information, special sales or discounts, always containing embedded links to further information via the company’s website, all presented in a personal, engaging, memorable way. Email recipient lists are gathered through subscribers who have already opted in, indicating their interest in a particular feature or service, or they can be acquired through email address lists.
  • Email marketing and customer relationship management integration – This is the brilliant and highly successful combination of email outreach in combination with other social platforms. It incorporates the use of social sharing, video marketing emails and triggered messages to generate considerably higher numbers of interested respondents.
  • Search-based Internet marketing techniquesSearch-based Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM)  and link building are various marketing techniques utilized to gain visibility in the online platform. One such tactic is search engine optimization, which involves studying the keywords that are commonly used in web, image, video, local, news and other types of searches, and using those results as a way to promote a website or web page in a search engine’s natural processing of requests. This is called “natural” or “organic” marketing and it’s advantages are that it costs nothing but the knowledge to utilize it. Search engine marketing is paid advertising, and it functions through the re-writing or adjusting of web content in order to gain a higher rating on search engine results pages.
  • Social media marketing – This form of advertising puts itself in the public eye through use of regularly trafficked social media sites. This simple system allows the general public to assist in the promotion of marketing messages. A reader is attracted to a message or business or service. He then demonstrates his appreciation of the product by sharing this material with his family, friends and acquaintances, who then consider the message as viable and noteworthy, since it was presented by a trusted and familiar source. This brilliant technique thereby perpetuates the company’s message to all those connected persons who were before perhaps completely unfamiliar with the services in question. And because the sharing then continues, the scope is limitless.

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